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Berkeley, CA
The Original Upcycled Superfood
ReGrained SuperGrain+® is the industry-leading upcycled ingredient made from rescued brewer’s “spent” grain (BSG), nutritious sprouted ancient grains that are naturally desugared. Boasting high levels of prebiotic fiber, protein, polyphenols, its stellar nutritional profile and unparalleled functionality are optimal in a wide variety of commercial applications.
Category-Defining Ingredient Innovation
Our versatile upcycled ingredients close the loop – delivering unmatched culinary potential, nutritional potency and measurable impact. Add ReGrained SuperGrain+® to baked goods, snacks, extrusions, meat systems, coatings, sauces, beverages and much more.
ReGrained Upcycled Food LAB - Your Partner in Innovation and Product Development
Our Upcycled Food Lab helps your team to move top-selling products supported by health and environmental claims quickly from concept to market. We are a team of foodies, brand geeks, sustainability nerds, innovators and creators dedicated to powering your next generation of product innovations as a development partner and ingredient supplier.
Patented Food Upcycling Technology - Unlocks Novel Supply Chains In A Scalable, Energy-Efficient Way
Our patented food upcycling technology creates proprietary ingredients that are delicious, versatile, clean-label and nutritious from food that would have otherwise gone to waste. ReGrained’s process is not only the gold-standard of food safety but also gentle enough to optimally preserve flavor and nutrients.
What Are Upcycled Foods?
Upcycled foods use ingredients that otherwise would not have gone to human consumption, are procured and produced using verifiable supply chains, and have a positive impact on the environment. ReGrained’s Upcycled Ingredients rescue food grade “byproducts” to unlock their best use—feeding people. Our platform creates new foods from crops that have already been cultivated, harvested, and used once, but still have more to offer. This is truly found food—and by closing the loop together, we are building a better, more sustainable food system!