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Newstead, QLD
About Us
We’re a leading food and agri-business, supplying food ingredients, feed and fibre to thousands of customers worldwide, from world famous brands to small family run businesses. Established in 1989, we’re listed on the Singapore Exchange. Our global team of over 81,000 employees have built leadership positions in many of our businesses such as cocoa, coffee, cotton, nuts and spices. Our six values shape our actions towards our work, our customers, our suppliers, our culture and each other.
A Taste of What We Do
As well as growing crops in our own orchards and estates, we source from over five million farmers and operate 75 large processing and manufacturing facilities. We develop ingredients and packaging solutions, and deliver risk management, logistics and infrastructure to support our customers’ needs. Through our Packaged Foods Business, we market our own brands directly to consumers in Africa. Here’s a flavour of what that looks like.
We're Farmers
Our scale and insight means we share learnings from one crop to another. Coupled with investments in processing, we have clear line of sight across these supply chains. We're firm believers in the ability of large-scale and small-scale farmers to work hand-in-hand, increasing volumes and stimulating opportunity around our operations through smallholder "outgrower" programs.
We're Suppliers
Our supplier network includes five million large- and small-scale famers. Most producers are smallholders in emerging markets, so we have experienced teams on the ground all year round to support them.
We're Manufactureres
With over 75 large processing and manufacturing facilities globally, we transform raw materials into bespoke ingredients, fiber, and manufacturing blocks. Safety, quality, efficiency and the environment are cornerstones of our processes. We have facilities close to production and customer markets, facilitating trading, creating employment and reducing our carbon footprint.