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Healthy Food Ingredients (HFI)

Fargo, ND
Rooted in Experience
Our customers have diverse needs and want the best value – and we’ve been meeting these needs for over 30 years. Today, we offer a substantial portfolio of healthy ingredients for multiple applications in food, pet food, nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and personal care.
Ingredient Options
All of our ingredients are premium quality and responsibly sourced, all using good stewardship practices. We offer food safety assurance, naturally with our micro-reduction process solution, IntegriPure®.
Our Story
Since the beginning, Healthy Food Ingredients has been driven by a genuine passion to live up to its name. We are growing, innovating and leveraging our deep expertise to ensure accessibility to healthy food to feed consumer demand for health and wellness.
Best. Assured.
Our Healthy Food Ingredients family brings the best brands and dedicated farmers together with the shared purpose of “Cultivating goodness.” This means whether you’re a long-term customer or new to our ingredients, you’ll benefit from our family values and commitment to delivering assurance. Across our brands and portfolio of ingredients, you’ll experience a collaborative team providing the highest caliber of expertise and innovative solutions. Rest assured, every interaction and ingredient has the guarantee of generations who stand tall and united. Healthy Food Ingredients is the new way of old-fashioned good!