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Milwaukee, WI
Better for people, farmers and the planet.
Welcome to Field Better, a clean taste, zero waste, 100% traceable source of the world’s most natural ingredients. Working with a network of over 40,000 smallholder farmers all over the world, our premium ingredients are upcycled from grade-A food that would normally have gone to waste. Our clean functional ingredients are nutrient-dense and packed with incredible flavors.
100% Traceable
We know that traceability is vitally important for food safety as well as operational efficiency. That is why every ingredient sourced through Field Better is 100% traceable from farmer to the customer through our Find My Farm QR code located on every unit we supply. From transparent environmentally friendly logistics and globally compliant QA/QC to empowering anecdotes, our traceability system covers everything you would want to know about the ingredients you purchase and the impact they make.
Clean and Functional
Field Better ingredients are minimally processed to retain maximum nutrient and flavor profiles. Many of our ingredients offer a much more sustainable protein alternative that is healthier for humans and the planet. Field Better ingredients are full of vitamins and minerals as well as rich protein and amino acid profiles. As opposed to meat, these plant-based proteins can reduce inflammation, cholesterol and risk of heart disease.