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Wheat Malt Organic

Organic Wheat Malt is made from high quality wheat. Varieties suitable for the brewing purposes are used. The malting process does not differ much from pilsner malt production. Final air-on temperature is normally 72–80°C.
Labeling claims GMO-free, Kosher, Organic

Applications & Usage

Application Description Wheat malt is used mainly for wheat beers and some other top fermented beers. Wheat malt is also used for lager beers for flavor enrichment and to improve foam stability. Typical rate of usage is around 50% of the grist for wheat beers and appr. 20% for the premium lagers.
Applications Beverage, Beer Brewing, Liquor & Spirits


Certifications & compliance FSSC 22000, ISO 22000, ISO 9001, Kosher, Organic Certified


Color 3.5–6.5
Diastatic power min. 250 WK dm
Extract fine min. 82.0% dm
Free amino nitrogen min. 90 mg/l
General remarks Our malts are produced according to ISO 9001, ISO 22000 and ISO 14001. Organic, Kosher and other specific certificates are granted locally. No GMO raw materials are used. All the used barley varieties are tested and approved for malting and brewing. Analysis of our malts are carried out according to EBC Analytica (or similar) when possible. Product descriptions are subject to crop changes. Did you know ? BREWER’S SPECIAL Viking Wheat Malt Organic Wheat malt, as opposed to barley malts, has no husk, which usually makes the filtration of wheat beers more difficult. Wheat also has a higher protein content than barley, which actually positively impacts the beer’s head retention
Moisture max. 6.0%
Protein max. 13.5 % dm
Soluble nitrogen max. 900 mg/100g
Viscosity (measured at 8.6%) max. 2.0 mPas
pH 5.7–6.3

Regulatory & Compliance

Labeling claims GMO-free, Kosher, Organic

Storage & Packaging

Production and packaging Organic Wheat Malt is produced in Finland. Available in bulk, containers, big bags and 25 kg pp bags.
Storage and safety Malt should be stored in a cool (< 20°C), dry (< 40 RH %) and odorless place. Under these conditions the shelf-life of malt is minimum one year. Keep malts away from hot surfaces and do not inhale the malt dust.