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Rye Malt

Viking Rye is produced from high quality rye. The malting process does not differ much from pilsner malt production. Final air-on temperature is normally 72-80⁰C.
Labeling claims GMO-free, Kosher, Organic

Applications & Usage

Application Description Viking Rye Malt can be used in breweries specialty rye beers, Rye Lager, Rye Ale. Gives golden color and typical rye flavor. We recommend to keep the dosage of Viking Rye Malt under 7% to avoid wort separation problems.
Applications Beverage, Beer Brewing, Liquor & Spirits


Certifications & compliance FSSC 22000, ISO 22000, ISO 9001, Kosher


Color 4–10
Extract min. 81.0% dm
Foreign matter max. 4 %
General remarks Our malts are produced according to ISO 9001, ISO 22000 or FSSC 22000 and ISO 14001. No GMO raw materials are used. All the used rye varieties are tested and selected for malting and brewing. Product descriptions are subject to crop changes. DID YOU KNOW? Similar to wheat malt, rye malt also has no husks. It is also more brittle than barley malts and may be crushed more easily.
Moisture max. 6.0%

Regulatory & Compliance

Labeling claims GMO-free, Kosher, Organic

Storage & Packaging

Production and packaging Viking Rye Malt is produced in Poland. Available (whole grains) in bulk, containers, big bags and 25 kg pp bags.
Storage and safety Malt should be stored in a cool (< 20ºC), dry (< 40 RH %), odorless and pest free place. Under these conditions unopened bags of malt can be stored for a minimum of 2 years from the date of bagging and unopened bags of crushed malt for a minimum 1 year from the date of bagging. Opened bags are beyond Viking Malt’s control, and we always recommend that opened bags are used at once. Anyhow, if opened bags are carefully re-sealed and then stored under the recommended conditions, they are expected to endure the storage times mentioned above. You should always keep the malts away from hot surfaces. Do not inhale the malt dust.