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Peppermint Oil Redistilled Indian 100% Pure

From Vigon
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EU Natural Yes
Halal Yes
Kosher Yes
Listed on CA Prop. 65 No
TSCA Listed Yes
US Natural Yes


Color/Appearance Clear, colorless to pale yellow liquid.
Flashpoint 160°F (71°C)
Gas Chromatograph Passes Test
Odor A strong, penetrating odor of peppermint
Refractive Index (@20c) 1.4570 -1.4650
Specific Gravity (@20) (@25c) 0.8900- 0.9100

Storage & Packaging

Pack Size(s) 1kg; 5kg; 10kg; 50kg; 180kg
Shelf Life 36 months
Storage Conditions Stable when stored in its original package, tightly sealed in a cool (46-90ºF) and dry location out of direct heat and light.