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Organic Canola Oil RBD

Spack produces Certified Organic Canola Oil which is cold pressed from the seeds of organically grown canola plant. Our Canola oil is derived from plants that are not genetically modified (non-GMO). Our sunflower oil is physically refined in a certified organic bio refinery, with no chemicals used in the process. As organic oil manufacturers, we take pride in the fact that we maintain quality control on all of products. With the combination of high-quality sourcing and manufacturing, quality control, using only organic ingredients, wholesale offerings, and our family values, we can produce premium canola oil.

Applications & Usage

Applications Bottled as a restaurant and home cooking oil; Key ingredient in dressings, sauces, and mayonnaise; Baking and frying oil for industrial food and snack production


Kosher OU Kosher
Non-GMO Project Verified Yes
Organic USDA NOP

Location & Shipping

Storage Facility New Jersey

Ordering & Availability

Lead Time 2 Days
Minimum Order Quantity 2028 lb
Sample Spec and sample can be requested via e-mail.


Origin Europe

Storage & Packaging

Pack Sizes Packed in 2028 lb. tote