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Organic Fig Paste - US / Turkish blend

Fig paste is made from clean, wholesome organic dried figs grown in California and / or Turkey. The figs come from the fig tree (Ficus carica), are naturally sun-dried in the orchard, then mechanically harvested. The fruit is sorted and thoroughly cleaned to ensure sound product. The figs are retorted, washed and ground through a grinder with a plate that has inside diameter openings of 7/64 in maximum. After exiting the grinder, the fig paste is processed to crush the seeds and stem pieces. The paste is metal detected immediately prior to casing at 1.5 mm Fe and 2.0 mm stainless steel. This is a natural product that does not contain additives, preservatives and or processing aids. Please note: the color of the paste may be lighter/darker depending on the current blend of light and dark varieties of figs. Please note any specific desires and we will see what we can customize for you! This item is perfect for a baking inclusion!
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Kosher OU Kosher
Organic Yes

Microbiological Properties

Aerobic Plate Count <100,000 cfu/g
Aflatoxin ≤ 20 ppb (Method: Aflatoxin Screen by HPLC)
Coliform <25 MPN/g
E. Coli <3 MPN/g – None detected
Moisture Not to exceed 24% (Method: DFA Moisture Meter.)
Mold <20,000 cfu/g
Salmonella Negative in 375 g
Yeast <20,000 cfu/g

Ordering & Availability

Average Lead Time 10-15 business days
Minimum Order Quantity 40 lb


Appearance Brown homogenized paste pressed into a cube for packaging. Free fromwhole seeds, but visible speckles from crushed seeds. Less crunchythan fig paste with uncrushed seeds.
Country of Origin Pocessed in the USA and grown in Turkey and or the USA.
Foreign Matter Free of material foreign to figs
Ingredients Organic Figs
Internal Defects Meets the U.S. Food & Drug Administration Standards. Meets orexceeds California Fig Advisory Board Grade Standards for ProcessedCalifornia Dried Figs.
Odor Sweet dried fig odor
Sugar Amounts in 100g: 53Units: g

Storage & Packaging

Pack Sizes 40 lb
Packaging Specifications Product is packed in 40 lb. net weight fiber cases which are lined with a food-grade 2 milpolyethylene bag. All cases contain product name and Nutrafig brand, processor’s name andaddress, “Certified organic by CCOF,” net weight, DFA Certification Stamp, kosher symbol and lotnumber. The shipping weight is 41.5 lb/case. There are 10 cases per tier, and 6 tiers per pallet.
Shelf Life One year from date of production.
Storage & Shipping Product should be kept in a cool dry environment free from infestation within a temperature rangeof 35 degrees F to 60 degrees F at 55% RH or less.
Warehouse Location Fresno, CA