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Upcycled Organic Okara Flour

Made from the nutritious soybean pulp leftover from soymilk production, Okara (oh-kar-ah) flour is gluten-free, high in fiber, keto-friendly (low carb), and a 1-to-1 sub for coconut flour. It's an original Japanese superfood, and the perfect baking companion for carb-conscious alternative bakers. Okara is the soybean pulp left over when manufacturing soymilk (and tofu). Renewal Mill’s okara is sourced from USDA-certified organic soybeans and is dehydrated and milled into its flour form - a light and fluffy powder with very fine particle size.
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Gluten-Free Yes
Kosher Yes
Non-GMO Yes
Organic Yes
Upcycled Yes
Vegan Yes

Microbiological Properties

Fiber 59 +/- 5
Microbiological Standards APC, Coliform VRBA, Listeria, Yeast/Mold
Moisture 5 +/- 4
Protein 20 +/- 5

Nutritional Information

Allergens Soy


Color Ivory to slightly off-white
Ingredients Upcycled Organic okara
Odor Neutral, slightly sweet
Origin USA
Processing Conditions Okara is prepared in accordance with FDA Good Manufacturing Practices and Silliker audited HACCP processes in a HACCP-certified Facility
Taste Neutral, slightly nutty with subtle milky tones
Texture Dry and powdery

Storage & Packaging

Pack Size 25 lb
Pallet Dimensions 48 (l) x 40 (w) x 72 (h)
Pallet Weight 1250 LB
Shelf Life 18 months from date of manufacture
Storage Store in a cool, dry place for maximum shelf life