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Cinnamon Leaf Water-soluble Powder

Primal Essence Cinnamon Leaf Water-Soluble Powder is manufactured from high quality Cinnamon Leaf. The rawmaterial is extracted using advanced technologies (including CO2 extraction) - without harsh chemical solvents. PrimalEssence renders the extract water-soluble naturally via its proprietary technology. It is then freeze-dried to produce awater-soluble extract powder.

Applications & Usage

Usage Ratio ≈ 0.2 – 2% in most cases


Kosher Kosher
Organic Organic Compliant

Ordering & Availability

Minimum Order Quantity $100 value


Appearance Powder
Color Cream to Brown
Country Of Origin USA
Flavor Ingredient Cinnamon Leaf Oil
Moisture < 3%
Non-flavor Ingredient Gum Arabic, Rosemary Antioxidant
Solubility Water-soluble

Storage & Packaging

Labeling Labels include: Product Name; P.O.#; Lot #; Weight: net, tare, gross; Production Date.
Pack Size Sealed Pouch, Custom Packaging
Shelf Life 12 monthsOpened container shelf life will depend on handling and storage conditions.
Storage Store in tight container in cool location, Protected from light