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Organic RBD Coconut Oil

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Phildesco® Inc Organic RBD Coconut Oil is refined, bleached and deodorized (RBD) organic coconut oil. It is odorless and has a pale, translucent honey coloration. Its high smoke point, combined with the lack of coconut aroma and taste, makes it ideal for frying food without affecting the flavor of the ingredients. High levels of lauric and caprylic acid make it a healthier oil with which to prepare food. - Organic RBD Coconut Oil has many other uses, especially in the hospitality, health and beauty industries where its longer shelf life makes it an ideal choice. It is useful for skincare, hair care and body care products, makes a first-rate moisturizer and is useful for many types and styles of cooking. - Harvest to processing within 5 days - Processing to packaging within 2 hours - Kosher, Non-GMO, dairy free, gluten free, vegan, wheat free, yeast free - Available in Fair Trade Certified®, organic and conventional versions - Bulk packaging intended for high-volume enterprises - Wholesale price varies depending on order volume and frequency


Certifications Available Fair Trade Certified® Organic, Organic, Conventional

Microbiological Properties

Ash <0.01
Moisture <0.01

Nutritional Information

Calcium 0.5
Calories 896.9
Cholesterol <0.20
Dietary Fiber 0
Iron 0.34
Potassium 1.75
Protein <0.10
Saturated Fat 86.98
Sodium 4.2
Sugar <1.80
Total Carbohydrates 0.62
Total Fat 99.38
Vitamin D 11.56

Ordering & Availability

MOQ 4000 lbs


Color and Appearance Light yellow liquid
Flavor and Aroma Odorless
Harvest to Processing within 5 days
Processing to Packaging within 2 hours

Storage & Packaging

Pack Sizes Glass jar: 250ml, 500ml; PET jar: 473ml, 828ml, 1.6L; Lined pail: 10L, 20L; Lined drum: 200L open, 200L closed; Tote: 1,000L
Packaging Sizes Glassjar: 250ml, 500ml; PETjar: 473ml, 828ml, 1.6L; Lined pail: 10L, 20L; Lined drum: 200L open, 200L closed; 1,000L Tote
ShelfLife under RSC, months 24
Storage and Shelf Life Store in odor free area, away from sunlight and walls. Avoid storage in high moisture areas. Shelf life 24 months.