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Mango Passion Fruit Blend

Our Mango Passion Fruit blend is the embodiment of tropical vibes. With alluring oral mango notes and tart passion fruit juice, this limited-edition seasonal blend is ideal for island-inspired beverages, desserts and savory dishes.

Applications & Usage

Applications Use in cocktails, non-alcoholic offerings, desserts, confections, ice cream, savory sauces, vinaigrettes and much more.


Kosher OU Kosher


Brix 21 - 24
Flavor Inspiration Mango passion sorbet, mango passion beurre blanc for sh, mango passion mochi butter cake, buttercream, smoothies, margaritas, daiquiris and other tropical drinks
Gluten Free YES
Ingredient List Mangoes, passion fruit juice concentrate, water, cane sugar, citric and ascorbic acids.
Vegan YES
pH 2.9 - 3.5

Storage & Packaging

Case Pack Size 6/30 oz. wide mouthed HDPE jars per case
Handling Keep frozen. Product good for 7-10 days thawed and refrigerated at 40° F, and up to 24 months frozen from manufactured date. Stir before use.
Unit Size 30 oz. wide mouthed HDPE jar