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Bulk BioGro Sea Salt Flaky - Box

As the perfect topper to sprinkle over salads, a plate of fries, or even as a finisher on sweet, chocolate desserts if you‘re feeling cheeky, you‘ll enjoy the satisfying crunch and the flaky texture of this stick-on finish salt. Our Flaky Sea Salt at PRI are not only multi-dimensional but are also versatile in their seasoning potential. “Sticking” With Tradition Prized by the gourmet palate for fine cuisine, its delicate flavor, texture, and versatility are very slowly developed by evaporation in an open pan, the traditional way. Bulk Flaky Biogro Organic Certified Formulated through natural, drying solar and wind processes • Harvested from the clean oceans around New Zealand • Retains all the natural trace elements • Not Iodized
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Kosher Yes
Non-GMO Yes

Ordering & Availability

Lead Time Up to 3 months
MOQ 30.86 lb

Storage & Packaging

Pack Sizes 30.86 lb
Warehouse Location Carpinteria, CA