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Cranberry Beans

Common Dishes: Cranberry beans can be used in a wide range of recipes, from stews, to baked bean dishes, to salads. Adding them to soups provides great nutrition and extra protein, and many people enjoy their nut-like flavor, which is somewhat subtle yet unique. They can even be cooked, lightly salted, and then kept chilled and eaten as a snack


Kosher Star-K

Ordering & Availability

MOQ 1 pallet


Also Known As: Borlotti Or Shell Beans
Flavor Profile Mild flavor that is somewhat comparable to nuts, particularly chestnuts. While dried ones are quite striking in appearance, this is not typically a major consideration for their use. As cranberry beans are cooked, they lose their white and crimson-flecked appearance and take on a more common, light-brown color.
Texture Powdery

Storage & Packaging

Shelf Life 12 months