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Rose Absolute 3% In MCT

Rose Absolute 3% In MCT Oil is an aromatic oil derived from the fresh petals of the Damask Rose (Rosa damascena). Highly prized in natural perfumery, this Rose oil is blended with MCT and is a viscous golden to amber liquid exuding a strong, intensely fragrant Rose odor. Like other Absolutes, Rose Absolute differs from other commonly used Essential Oils due to its extraction process. Typically, an Essential Oil is extracted via steam-distillation or cold-pressing, while an Absolute is the product of solvent extraction. Rose Absolute has several therapeutic properties, including antidepressant, antiseptic, astringent, calmative and sedative. This transforms into several helpful benefits
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Aroma Intense, Floral, Sweet
Country of Origin France
Evaporation Middle Note
Extraction Method Solvent Extraction
Odor Strength High
Oil Source Flowers
Scientific Name Rosa Damascena (Blended with MCT)

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