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Cucumber Natural Fragrance

Cucumber Natural Fragrance What are the differences between Essential and Fragrance Oils? Essential oils are rarely used without first diluting, especially when using topically as they are known to have much stronger properties. Fragrance oils are created by diluting a small amount of essential oils with a carrier oil, making it much more gentle than essential oils. This fragrance oil is plant derived which means synthetic carrier oils were not used in the making of this product, only NATURAL carrier oils. More often than not the carrier oil used during this process is synthetic, typically creating a higher variety of scents and usually is much less expensive. We always recommend NATURAL fragrances. Essential oils contain the true essence of herbs, flowers, roots, or resins and because of this, are known more for their therapeutic qualities. And while fragrance oils have no real therapeutic value, their lovely fragrance and aroma can still help to unwind and destress. As they are already diluted, fragrance oils do not contain enough true essence for it to mimic the properties / qualities essential oils are believed to have. Cucumber Natural Fragrance is Perfect for: Aromatherapy Diffusing Perfume / Body Spray Air Freshener Carpet Cleaning Ideal for: Cosmetics Lotions Hair Products Foot Odor / Deodorant Pet Care Warning: For External Use Only Keep out of reach of children. Prior to application, consult a professional for the correct dilution ratios. Avoid contact with eyes. May cause skin irritation. If pregnant or lactating, consult your healthcare practitioner before using.

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