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Organic Stabilized Peanut Butter- Creamy, No Sugar, No Salt

As the industry leaders in Nut Butter we take the production of classic peanut butter seriously. We produced the first organic certified peanut butter in 1979 by developing growing standards for field crops. Ten years later we were the first company in the nation to introduce organic Valencia peanut butter and in 2007, we received patents in both the U.S. and Canada for the first ever “no-stir” organic peanut butter. This delicious product requires little to no stirring and is made with Responsibly Sourced Palm Oil (RSPO) certified organic palm fruit oil sourced from sustainable orchards where animal habitats are protected, Made from only the finest dry roasted peanuts, we pride ourselves on offering a wide selection of products guaranteed to suit every taste.
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Organic USDA NOP

Storage & Packaging

Minimum Order Quantity 30 - 9 lb pails, 12 - 35 lb pails (can be mixed and matched commodities) or 1 drum
Pack Sizes 35 lb