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Raw Cashew Small Pieces - SP2

Our Raw Cashew Small Pieces - SP2 are considered second quality cashews from Vietnam that are yellow, light brown, and ash grey in color and measure approximately 2mm in size. These cashews are commonly used in manufacturing as they are more afforable when compared to first quality small cashew pieces, and are perfect in applications where appearance is not a factor. When blended, these cashews create a creamy consistency great for making cashew butter. This product is certified gluten-free, Kosher, Halal, and vegan-friendly.

Applications & Usage

Applications Cashew Butter, Baking, Cashew or Granola bars, And More!
Treatment Required Product to be further processed to eliminate microbial hazards.


Allergen Yes
Free from MSG Yes
Free from artificial coloring Yes
Free from artificial flavoring Yes
Halal Yes
Ionization Yes
Irradiation Yes
Kosher Yes
Non-GMO Yes
Organic Yes

Location & Shipping

Shipping conditions As per customer request

Microbiological Properties

Aflatoxin If contractually agreed, testing will comply with imported country regulations
Coliforms max 1.0 x 101 cfu/g
E. coli <10 cfu/g
Heavy metal If contractually agreed, testing will comply with imported country regulations
Moisture max 5 %
Pesticide residue Complies with all federal and state regulations
Salmonella negative
Yeast & Mold max 1.0 x 103 cfu/g

Nutritional Information

Calcium 37.0 mg
Calories 580.0 Kcal
Cholesterol 0.0 mg
Dietary Fiber 3.0 g
Iron 7.0 mg
Potassium 660.0 mg
Protein 18.0 g
Saturated fat 8.0 g
Sodium 15.0 mg
Sugars, total 6.0 g
Total Carbohydrate 30.0 g
Total fat 44.0 g
Trans Fat 0.0 g
Vitamin D 0.0 IU


Appearance Yellow, light brown, light ivory, light ash-grey or deep ivory.
FFA (as oleic acid) max 3 %(w/w)
Flavor Typical of blanched cashew.
Foreign Material max 0.01 %
Ingredients 100% Cashew
Insect Damage max 1 %
Lower Size Grade max 10 %
Max Serious Defects/Damage max 2 %
Origin Either from or combination of Vietnam, Cambodia, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Benin, Nigeria, Guinea Bissau, Tanzania, Mozambique, and Indonesia
Peroxide Value max 5 meq/kg oil
TPC max 5.0 x 104 cfu/g
Taste No off odor, No off taste
Texture Slightly crunchy

Storage & Packaging

Labeling As per customer request
Net weight 2x25 lbs, 1x50lbs or as customer’s request
Package Type(s) 1 Container of 50 lb. Boxes (35,000 lbs.)
Packing unit Laminated bag in carton box
Primary packaging PE bags, PE liner with vacuumed pack
Secondary packaging Carton
Shelf Life 12 months from the date of packing
Storage and Handling The optimal storage conditions is < 25 Degrees C and humidity 50-70%
Storage conditions Cool dry clean place (< 25 Deg C) and R.H 50-70%