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Algalithe, which is Lithothamnium Calcareum (a Fossilized Red Algae Powder), is rich in Calcium and is then an indispensable ally in Food Applications. Algalithe has the same functionalities as Calcium Carbonate, while being Plant-Based, Clean Label and Neutral in Taste and Odor. Due to its 9-10 pH, NUWEN's Algalithe can also be used as a Buffering Agent in Beverages. NUWEN's Algalithe is a "Clean Label" Ingredient.

Applications & Usage

Ingredient Applications Ideal for Vegetable Drinks / Dairy-Free Drinks (Milks), Smoothies, Fruit and Vegetable Juices, Bakery Products (also used in this case as a Raising Agent), Dairy Products and Ready-Made Meals (especially Vegan).


Halal Yes
Kosher Yes

Ordering & Availability

Lead Time On Demand
Minimum Order Quantity 25 KG


Physical Form Powder
Product Details Fossilized Algae Powder
Product Type Marine Mineral

Storage & Packaging

Pack Sizes Bag (25 KG)
Storage Condition In a clean and dry area, out of light and moisture.