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Certified Organic Almonds

Technically, the almond is the seed of the fruit of the almond tree, which we refer to as the almond nut. Almonds can be roasted, toasted, or eaten raw. They are often used in trail mixes, but also used in sweet pastries such as marzipan and macarons. Almonds are especially delicious when made into a creamy butter – a popular alternative for peanut allergy sufferers.
Minimum Order Quantity 500 lbs


Kosher cRc
Organic USDA NOP

Microbiological Properties

Aflatoxin <20 ppb
E. coli <10/gram
Listeria monocytogenes Negative/ 25grams
Salmonella Negative/ 375grams

Ordering & Availability

Minimum Order Quantity 500 lbs


Aroma Typical, without strange smells
Bitter almonds 1.0% max.
Color Variation of brown
Foreign material 0.5% max.
Halves and broken 3.0% max.
Harmful Foreign Material Absent
Ingredients Almonds
Mechanically damaged 5.0% max.
Moisture 6.5% max.
Origin Italy
Taste Typical, without strange flavors
Twins 8.0% max.

Regulatory & Compliance

Allergen Information Contains Tree Nuts.
Note Health Note on European Almonds: Please be aware that all almonds contain a naturally occurring chemical called “amygdalin”. Almonds of European origin typically contain a higher concentration of amygdalin than do U.S. domestic almonds. A sampling of almonds will typically contain a small number of so-called “bitter” almonds, almonds in which the amygdalin concentration is extremely high. The European almonds sourced by Multiple Organics are specified by our supplier to have less than 1% by weight of bitter almonds. Bitter almonds are generally indistinguishable from sweet almonds upon visual examination, but are acutely bitter/sour to the taste. Consumption of excessive amounts of amygdalin can be harmful and even fatal to humans and pets. Severity of symptoms from excessive amygdalin consumption is reported in literature as being closely correlated to body weight, with lighter individuals (such as children and the elderly) being at greater risk. For this reason, this product is not intended for pet consumption or consumption by young children, immune-compromised individuals, the elderly, or pregnant or lactating women

Storage & Packaging

Packing Master carton with inner vacuum packed poly bag
Recommended Shelf-life 18 months from date of production when stored correctly in original packaging.
Size 25 lb net
Temperature Store in cool and dry conditions