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Vervain Herb (Powder)

Vervain, also known as 'Herb of Grace” and “Herb of the Cross.,” is a flowering perennial native to the Mediterranean and cultivated throughout the world as an aromatic and ornamental plant. The powdered leaf and flower, long used in traditional medicine in various cultures, is typically prepared as tea, although it may also be tinctured. Vervain powder is also an ingredient in various skin care preparations.
Also Known As also known as common verbena and by a host of other names
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Gluten Free No
Kosher No
Organic No

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Minimum Order Quantity 100 lbs


Application cosmetic - Add vervain powder to soaps for color and texture. Mix with clay in facial masks. Infuse the powder in oil for use in making ointments, salves, lotions and creams.culinary - Infuse in hot water for “instant” tea. Add the powder to smoothies, soups, stews, eggs, rice and pasta dishes. The powder may also be tinctured.household - Vervain is used to produce a greenish-yellow dye for wool and other textiles.wellness - Encapsulate as a dietary supplement.safety - Vervain is generally recognized as safe (GRAS) by the US Food and Drug Administration. However, studies using animal models indicate that this herb may stunt weight gain in newborns and decrease bone ossification (hardening), so it should bot be used during pregnancy or while nursing.
Country of Origin United States

Storage & Packaging

Pack Sizes 1/4 pound, 1 pound
Storage Instructions Store in a tightly-sealed container away from direct sunlight and humidity.