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Meadowsweet Herb (Powder)

Meadowsweet herb powder contains salicylates, naturally occurring anti-inflammatory compounds found in certain plants and also synthesized to produce aspirin. Add the powder to tea blends or infuse it in honey – a great alternative if you have difficulty swallowing capsules. The powder may also be tinctured, or infused in oil for use in topical applications.
Also Known As Queen of the Meadow, Pride of the Meadow, Meadow Wort, Meadow Quees, Lady of the Meadow, Dollof, Meadsweet, Bridewort and Meadwort, meadowsweet
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Gluten Free No
Kosher No
Organic No

Ordering & Availability

Minimum Order Quantity 100 lbs


Application cosmetic - Infuse in oil or honey for use in soaps, salves and other skin care products. Meadowsweet powder may also be applied directly to skin as a wash or poultice.culinary - Use meadowsweet powder in tea blends or add to smoothies and protein shakes.wellness - Encapsulate as a dietary supplement.safety - Use with caution if you are sensitive to aspirin or other medications that contain salicylates. Consult your physician before using this herb if you are pregnant or nursing, have a chronic condition or take pharmaceutical medications.
Country of Origin Germany

Storage & Packaging

Pack Sizes 1/4 pound, 1 pound
Storage Instructions Keep in a sealed container in a cool, dark place.