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Caramel Brulée Syrup

Made with cane sugar in copper kettles, very dark caramel, with burnt / creme brulee notes. Can be used as a flavoring or Class 1 caramel color.
SKU CS1503


Allergens Allergen-free
Non-GMO Non-GMO Project
Organic USDA NOP

Location & Shipping

Ex works (EXW) El Cajon, CA 92020
Lead Time 15-20 working days

Ordering & Availability

Minimum Order Quantity 20kg (44lb)


Alcohol Content (% v/v) Less than 0.5%
Available Physical Forms Syrup
Brix 75° +/- 4°
Ingredients Cane Sugar, Water
Physical Aspect Brownish Opaque Liquid
Solubility Water Soluble

Regulatory & Compliance

Grocery Chain Compliant Yes
TTB Compliant Yes

Storage & Packaging

Pack Sizes 10kg, 20kg, 200kg
Packaging Containers available in the following weights: 25 kg/55 lbs or 200 kg/440 lbs in polyethylene.
Storage & Shelf Life Stable for 12 months under normal storage conditions (5 ̊C to 25 ̊C). Avoid sun and high temperature exposure. Avoid moisture exposure. Best if used within 12 months of manufacturing date