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Stevia Extract Powder 98% Reb-A, Organic

Materia Organica’s Stevia Extract Powder is known for its clean, bitter-free taste. We harvest the highest grade Certified Organic stevia leaves, then process using no harsh solvents. At Reb-A levels of 98% and over 99.99% Stevioglycosides, for our Stevia Extract Powder that is deliciously sweet with no aftertaste. It is 100% pure with no additives, fillers or chemical residues, and a little goes a long way. Cultivated from an extensive network of family-owned farms. The leaves are picked by hand at the peak of the growing season, then dried naturally using sunlight and fresh air. Self-sustaining farming methods help preserve the naturally-beneficial phytochemicals of the stevia leaf.


Gluten-Free Yes
Kosher Star-K
Non-GMO Yes
Organic Yes
Vegan Yes
Vegetarian Yes


100% Pure Yes
Appearance White powder

Storage & Packaging

Size 500g, 1kg, 5kg