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Raspberry Puree Concentrate, Red

Red raspberry juice concentrate is here to pack on the sweetness. It is an amazing color and flavor enhancer with numerous applications. Replacing sugar or corn syrup, it provides a healthy fruit ingredient with delicious flavor.
Concentration 28 Brix
Ingredient Statement Red Raspberry Puree Concentrate


Allergens None
Kosher cRc


Acidity (% w/w) 4 +/- 1.5 as Citric
Brix (Direct at 20o C) 28 +/- 1
Concentration at Single Strength 9.2 Brix
Mold < 200
PH 2.6 - 4
Reconstitution 1 part Red Raspberry Puree Concentrate 28 Brix plus 2.286 parts water
Specific Gravity 1.10795 - 1.12961
Total Plate Count < 5000
Yeast < 200

Storage & Packaging

Optimal Storage Less than 0 Degrees Fahrenheit
Packaging Steel Drums or Polyethylene Pails
Recommended Shelf Life (Days) Frozen (0° F) 1095
Weight Per Gallon 9.311 lbs. per gallon