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Cherry Essence, Dark Sweet

This super flavorful Dark Sweet Cherry Essence (the water recovered during the evaporation process) is perfect for enhancing or balancing an aroma profile of many different food and beverage products, particuarly as a juice concentrate substitute when color is not needed.
Concentration 150 Fold
Ingredient Statement Dark Sweet Cherry Essence


Allergens None
Kosher cRc


Concentration at Single Strength 1 Fold
Mold < 100
Reconstitution 1 part Dark Sweet Cherry Essence 150 Fold plus 149 parts water
Specific Gravity 0.98 - 1
Total Plate Count < 1000
Yeast < 100

Storage & Packaging

Optimal Storage Less than 0 Degrees Fahrenheit
Packaging Drums, Pails
Recommended Shelf Life (Days) Ambient (70° F) 90
Recommended Shelf Life (Days) Frozen (0° F) 730
Recommended Shelf Life (Days) Refrigerated (38° F) 365
Weight Per Gallon 8.239 lbs. per gallon