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Tangerine Oil

Tangerine, as a sub-group of Mandarin, originated from China but was later introduced to Europe and Americas. 'Dancy' is the prototype cultivar selected by Colonel G C Dancy in Florida in 1867. This oil is used for sweets, liquors and soft drink flavourings.
Labeling Claims Halal, Kosher, Natural, Naturally Derived

Applications & Usage

Applications Beverage, Carbonated Drinks, Liquor & Spirits, Food, Confectionery, Other Food Applications

Ordering & Availability

Regional Availability Global


Appearance Orange - red liquid
Flash point 52 °C
Ingredient Name Tangerine Oil
Ingredient Origin Natural Origin
Odour (no dilution) match the current internal standard
Optical Rotation +88.0 - +96.0
Refractive Index at 20? 1.4680 - 1.4800
Relative Density at 20°C 0.838 - 0.857
Specific gravity at 20? 0.838 - 0.857
Technologies Food Ingredients

Regulatory & Compliance

Certification & Compliance Halal, Kosher
Labeling Claims Halal, Kosher, Natural, Naturally Derived

Storage & Packaging

Shelf Life 12 months
Storage Recommendations Sealed containers in a cool dark place. Check quality before use