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Lime Oil Distilled West Indian Type

The screw-pressing of the fruit produces a juice-essential oil emulsion. After the juice is largely separated from the settled oil layer, still steam-distillation of the remaining juice-oil emulsion takes place. This results in changes to the essential oil that are similar to the changes induced by thermal treatment in highly acidic conditions.
Labeling Claims Halal, Kosher, Natural, Naturally Derived

Applications & Usage

Applications Beverage, Other Non-Alcoholic Beverages, Food, Other Food Applications

Ordering & Availability

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Appearance Colourless - greenish yellow liquid
Flash point 47 °C
Ingredient Name Lime Oil
Ingredient Origin Natural Origin
Odour (no dilution) match the current internal standard
Optical Rotation + 34 - +47
Refractive Index at 20? 1.4740 - 1.4770
Relative Density at 20°C 0.857 - 0.865
Specific gravity at 20? 0.857 - 0.865
Technologies Food Ingredients

Regulatory & Compliance

Certification & Compliance Halal, Kosher
Labeling Claims Halal, Kosher, Natural, Naturally Derived

Storage & Packaging

Shelf Life 12 months
Storage Recommendations Sealed containers in a cool dark place. Check quality before use