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Clove Leaf Oil

Clove leaf oil is the main source for eugenol. The two principal origins are Madgascar and Indonesia. Clove is cultivated for the buds destined for the spice market and the willingness of farmers to distill leaves is partly determined by how financially rewarding the preceding buds campaign was. The length of the wet season in Indonesia is also an important factor in the volume of production of oil.
Labeling Claims Natural, Naturally Derived

Applications & Usage

Applications Food, Savory & Culinary

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Appearance Dark brown liquid
Assay (Eugenol) min 75 %
Eugenol min. 75 %
Flash point 100 °C
Ingredient Name Clove Leaf Oil
Ingredient Origin Natural Origin
Odour (no dilution) match the current internal standard
Refractive Index at 20? 1.5250 - 1.5400
Relative Density at 20°C 1.035 - 1.051
Specific gravity at 20? 1.035 - 1.051
Technologies Food Ingredients

Regulatory & Compliance

Labeling Claims Natural, Naturally Derived

Storage & Packaging

Shelf Life 12 months
Storage Recommendations Sealed containers in a cool dark place. Check quality before use