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Lemon Aseptic Puree

Aseptic Lemon Puree is prepared from ripened lemon puree. The product contains no preservatives and no additives.Process: Puree is pasteurized at 160˚F or higher for a minimum 6 seconds. Puree is cooled and aseptically packaged. Aseptic puree is guaranteed to comply with FDA, Juice HACCP: 21 CFR Part 120, applicable state and local laws and regulations.Physical Properties: pH: 10.0 – 14.0 Brix: 2.10° – 2.70° Specific Gravity: 1.040 – 1.057 Viscosity: 24+ cm/min (Bostwick at 70°F) Color: Yellow
Brand Oregon Fruit
SKU 1728-LM-1

Location & Shipping

Shipping Weight 45 lb


Hazardous Material FALSE
Seltzer Additions

Storage & Packaging

Size 42 lb