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Calcium Propionate

Calcium Propionate is a salt that preserves food by stopping microorganisms, such as bacteria and molds, to reproduce. Calcium propionate is an organic salt that is used as a food additive and is safe to eat. Calcium propionate helps extend the shelf life and preserve baked goods by preventing mold and bacterial growth that would make the baked goods be moldy and spoil. If you are interested in preserving your baked goods, then check out our calcium propionate, available in bulk or wholesale.
SKU D-4789


Gluten Free No
Kosher Yes
Organic No

Ordering & Availability

Minimum Order Quantity 5 lb


Application Used in foods as a preservative and mold inhibitor
Brand Name AIC
Country Of Origin USA
Country of Origin USA
Ingredients Acid Propionic, Calcium Oxide, Activated Charcoal, Filter Aids
application Used in foods as a preservative and mold inhibitor

Storage & Packaging

Pack Sizes Bulk Packaging: 50 lb BagBulk Pallet: 50 lb Bags
Shelf Life 3 years from date of manufacture