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What is ShelfLife?

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How much does ShelfLife cost?

What info do I need to share in my RFQ?

What happens when I submit a quote?

I’ve gotten pricing info on the product I need - now what?

Can I auto send RFQs to all of the suppliers of an item?

Can I get products in individual packaging?

Can you help me find a supplier that can source all/most of my ingredients? [TBD]

I can’t find an ingredient on your marketplace, can you find it for me?

Do you offer better pricing through ShelfLife than what I already get w/ these suppliers? [TBD]

Will you do all of my sourcing for me?

I love ShelfLife - how do I get my other suppliers to use your platform?

How is this different from reaching out to suppliers myself?

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What is ShelfLife?

How long does it take to get started with ShelfLife?

What is the cost to me?

What about my existing sales relationships? Do I owe you commission for those sales?

How do I respond to an RFQ?

How do I get more information to provide a quote?

Can I use my own new customer forms/Quote forms?

How do I share a quote?

How do I make changes to my account?

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